Few more steps to start using Everscale ecosystem and get reward worth up to 5,000 EVER
~470 USDT️
Collect a reward worth up up to 5,000 EVER!
Get at least 1'000 EVERs into staking or farming on the Everpools.io or FlatQube Depools
Put your wallet address here and click "Confirm"
Cross-chain transfers by OctusBridge
from Ethereum, Solana Ethereum, Polygon, BNB chain, Fantom Opera and Everscale
Minimal fees
Fast transactions
100,000+ TPS
Install the app and copy your wallet address
Wallet ID hasn’t found. Please try again.
Install the app and copy your wallet address (video instructions)
Cross-chain transfers by OctusBridge
from Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, BNB chain, Fantom Opera and Everscale
Minimal fees
Fast transactions
up to 65,000 TPS
After 7 days of staking or farming, return on this page and collect your reward worth p to 5000 EVER's!
Get into stacking or farming on the Everpools or FlatQube
Great! Your wallet ID approved! There are few steps left
The conditions have not been met yet
Contact us if this is an error
Collect My Rewards
Yeah! All conditions have been met
Draw and get your reward on your wallet within 3 days
You got 325 EVER
They will go to your wallet within 3 days
Buy EVER any way you like
Fast and secure blockchain
The ecosystem with all the web 3.0 products: integration with other networks, Drivechain, GameFi projects, ddns and more. We are one step ahead of other networks.
High scalability
Potencial speed > 65'000 TPS
x2 fastest than Solana
x6 700 fastest than Ethereum
Greatest security
PoS — consensus
SMFT Protocol
Safe to invest like Bitcoin
Super-low fees ~ $0.003
The First Things to Start with Everscale ecosystem
Take EVER with OctusBridge, Get EVER or Bank Card
Start use your funds with high APR's
Save time and money moving assets from one blockchain to another. Perfect if you have crypto in Ethereum, BNB, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom Opera or Milkomeda network.
Getever is a secure, decentralized and anonymous way to buy ever with other cryptocurrencies.
Bank Card
Take EVER’s with your bank card. The service is provided by a partner. Perfect if you don't have crypto assets in any of the networks yet.
up to 110% APR
You will lend your tokens to a DEX so that it can offer buyers and sellers sufficient levels of liquidity on a specific trading pair.
up to 15% APY
Staking it on the smart contract helps to enforce the network’s security and by doing so, the stakers are rewarded with tokens.
Questions? Answers.
At what time do I need to start fulfilling the conditions of the promo?
You need to add your wallet ID and start staking or farming no later than August 28, 2022, 23:59 PM (Jakarta time). Users who have left their ID and have not started farming / stacking up to this point - do not participate in the promotion.
How do I create a new wallet after installing it?
Full doc with screenshots you can find here.

  1. Start by selecting the option Create a new wallet.
  2. Select the type of wallet you wish to create.
  3. Copy down your seed phrase and store it in a safe place. It is best to have a few physical copies of the seed phrase stored in different places.
  4. Pass through the seed phrase verification process.
  5. Create a password. You’re going to need your password in order to confirm all the transactions you make with the wallet.
  6. Now you’ve got your wallet all set up and you can start really working with your EVER Wallet! In order to start fully using your EVER Wallet, you need to get EVER and deploy your wallet.
What is a "deploy" of a wallet and why do I need an EVER token for this?
When you created a wallet, it got a unique ID. In order for the wallet to appear on the network, become public and be used, it is necessary to send a transaction that activates it. When making a transaction, the network uses the main token of the network (for Everscale it is EVER) to pay a commission for network maintenance, as in any other blockchains. The commission is small, and the average is $0.003.
How many EVERs do I need for meeting the conditions?
According to the terms of the program, you need to put an amount of at least 1'000 EVERs in staking or farming for 2 weeks.
How do I buy EVER if I have another cryptocurrency?
  1. Cross-chain by OctusBridge. Using the bridge developed by Broxus, you can transfer cryptocurrency from different blockchains. For example, USDT ERC-20 is converted to USDT, but TIP-3.1 in Everscale. OctusBridge has a credit processor that will automatically pay the transaction fee from the funds you transfer. Full step-by-step instructions you can find in our Git Book.
  2. Purchase on getever.io.
  • Connect or install EVER Wallet Chrome extension or app
  • Connect or install EVM wallet, e.g. Metamask
  • Select the blockchain you want to transfer tokens from
  • Select the token you want to exchange for EVER
  • Enter the amount of tokens you want to exchange for EVER
  • Click Exchange button to procceed
  • If the transaction was successful, you’ll receive EVER on your Wallet on EVERSCALE blockchain
How do I buy EVER if I don't have any cryptocurrency?
On one of the cryptocurrency exchanges (EVER/USDT):
You can also purchase EVER from a bank card using this product, provided by Itez.
Staking and farming. What are the conditions and what are the differences?
Staking - https://everpools.io/
Farming - https://app.flatqube.io/farming

Staking typically comes with a fixed APY. This means that you always know exactly how much you will receive back once the staking term concludes. Yield farming, however, is a lot more volatile – so you never quite know what yield you will make.
Yield farming will often generate a higher yield in comparison to staking. But, the risks with yield farming are typically higher too.
Staking only requires you to deposit one token. Yield farming, on the other hand, allows you to earn interest on a trading pair. This means that you will need to deposit equal amounts of each token within the pair.
How and when will I receive the reward?
You need to invest in a project or a pair for a 2-week lock-up period the amount of 1'000 EVER at the exchange rate at the time of the start of staking or farming. After this time, you need to return to this page, enter the wallet ID and click the Check my rewards button. We will check the fulfillment of the conditions. If the conditions are met, you will see the Collect my reward button. By clicking on it, the winnings will be randomized from 1 to 5000 evers, which will be credited to your wallet account within 3 working days.

If you are sure that you have fulfilled the conditions, but the button with collecting the reward has not appeared, write to us in one of the social networks, our polite moderators will help you.
Some information for potential fraudsters and scammers
We also warn potential scammers that if we have suspicions that the wallets were generated automatically or not for the purpose of studying products and receiving rewards, but for the sake of easy profit, we reserve the right not to pay the reward. We hope for honest users, because for them we are diligently working through our ecosystem, opening up the possibilities of Web3.0 in Everscale.
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