Broxus Elysium
Hackathon 2022
Broxus invites developers from all over the world to test their skills at the Elysium hackathon. Be among the first to contribute to the network about to take the world by storm
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14 → 17 July
65 offline, ∞ online
Prize Pool
Belgrade, Serbia, Mama Shelter
The Broxus team is one of the core contributors of the Everscale network and the creators of:
Seize your chance to dive into one of the most promising technologies and take your place on the cross-chain future
up to 64k TPS
up to 2^60 shardchains
From architecture to governance
. . .Everscale blockchain is fast, scalable and decentralized by design
The largest Everscale DEX with lots of advanced features: routed spaws, staking, farming, and token builder
A one-stop-shop for cross-chain dApps, capable of transferring liquidity, data feeds and smart-contract calls
The best selling native wallet and network transport, providing access to most Everscale platforms
Hackathon tracks
Develop groundbreaking cross-chain solutions using Everscale and Octus Bridge technology
All prizes will be paid in BRIDGE tokens
Learn more about BRIDGE on Octus Bridge and on FlatQube
+ $1,000 People's Choice Award
+ $1,000 People's Choice Award
+ $1,000 People's Choice Award
Create useful devtools that will facilitate the creation of new projects based on Everscale technology, such as smart contract products analytics, DAO builders and convenient SDKs in different languages.
Development for developers
Build an MVP of a cross-chain dApp using the Octus Bridge for interconnectivity between different modules deployed in various networks. Choose what fits you the most: cross-chain swaps, oracles, on-chain reputation, and so on.
Cross-chain excellence
Win the love of users with an eye-catching and easy-to-use cross-chain application, be it a game, messenger, or multi-network portfolio tracker that transfers the data through Octus.
UX/UI perfection
3rd place
2nd place
1st place
3rd place
2nd place
1st place
3rd place
2nd place
1st place
Tips on how to win
Pay attention to these aspects - on the basis of these the jury will choose the winners
Be relevant
The submission should match the track’s requirements
Be accessable
Clean code and documentation should be understandable for other developers
Be efficient
The project should be business-related, costeffective, demandable and, of course it should just work
Be comprehensible
Your submission should be presented in a clear, coherent and detailed way covering all the aspects of the project
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Day 1
July 14th, Thu
Conference starts at Mama Shelter
12:00 → 13:00
Offline participants registration
13:00 → 17:30
Speakers take the floor
  • Everscale Network overview
  • Broxus overview: FlatQube, Octus Bridge, EVER Wallet
  • Everscale for developers: Solidity & Everscale
  • Octus Bridge 101
  • Mentors introduction
17:30 → 18:30
Final steps
  • Technical tasks presentation
  • Mentors introduction
  • Teams organization
Day 2
July 15th, Fri
Broxus Elysium Hackathon kick-off
10:00 → 24:00
Teams are free to use the conference room & chill-out zone 24h with catering, mentors, streaming provided
Day 3
July 16th, Sat
00:00 → 10:00
Teams are free to use the conference room & chill-out zone 24h with catering, mentors, streaming provided
Hand-in time
All the works should be finished and provided to the mentors
10:00 → 18:00
Jurors assessment
Jurors & mentors thoroughly assess provided works
Day 4
July 17th, Sun
10:00 → 11:00
Morning coffee break
11:00 → 16:00
Teams presentations
16:30 → 17:30
Final assesment of submissions
17:30 → 18:00
Announcement of winners
18:00 → 20:00
Teams transfer to the party venue
20:00 → Who knows
Main party (TBA)
DJs, riverview, free meals & drinks, and beautiful weather
Come chill with us on Telegram
Why you should take part in the Elysium Hackaton
Dive into the world of blockchain programming with Everscale & Broxus products
Make yourself at home at the on-site venue. All you need is your laptop, we’ll take care of all the rest. Or join online
Enter for free, stake your claim to the $30,000 prize pool and have an unforgettable time!
Meet, network and compete with distinguished professionals
To be announced
Why Elysium?
Elysium was the realm of heroes in Roman cosmology—both heroes of the past and heroes of the future who were destined for glory. There are incredible things happening in the world of DeFi right now, and Everscale is at the cutting edge of all of it.
This is your chance to join ranks, show you have what it takes to contribute to the most technologically advanced blockchain network and etch your name in glory.
Questions? Answers.
Who can participate?
Anyone who wants to! The hackathon will take place in Belgrade, Serbia. So, if you want to take part in person you will have to come hang in Serbia in July, but even if you can’t make it in person, you can participate for free online. 
What skills should I have as a developer?
  • Blockchains: Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche
  • Level: junior/middle
  • Specification/Language: JS/TS, Solidity, Rust, C++
How do I make sure my project is eligible for hackathon prizes?
All you have to do is follow the specific requirements for your track. See the track guidelines to make sure your project fits.
How much does it cost to attend?
The hackathon is completely free to attend both in-person and online.
How many people can be on a team?
Teams will be divvied up once everyone has registered and the hackathon kicks off on the 14th of July. 
How many teams can attend the hackathon?
There are just 65 slots for the in-person hackathon experience in Belgrade, so if you want to attend, make sure you get a spot early. There are no limits on how many teams can attend the hackathon online. The more the merrier.
What if I've never been to a hackathon or worked with Broxus before?
No problem. This event will serve as a great introduction to how hackathons work and what makes Everscale and Broxus platforms unique in the world of DeFi.
When can I start working on my project?
You can get started working on your project as soon as the hackathon kicks off and the teams have been finalized.
How will this event take place?
The hackathon will take place both in person in Belgrade, Serbia and online from July 14-17. 
What are Broxus and Everscale again?
The Broxus team are the leading architects of the Everscale network, one of Asia’s premier blockchains. Broxus has designed and developed groundbreaking platforms like Octus Bridge, FlatQube, Ever Wallet and much more.
What are you waiting for? Join us for
How to get there?
Broxus Elysium will take place at Mama Shelter Belgrade, located at Kneza Mihaila 54A in Belgrade, Serbia
Any questions? Feel free to join our Telegram Group
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