Accept bets and payments for free
Accepts payments in crypto with
Broxus Bot without fees
Keep your assets in protected custody
Free transfers
Send crypto to other Telegram users for free
Easy payments
Issue invoices for your customers, or pay them instantly in a few taps
Referral bonuses
Earn up to 40% of your customers' fees

Accept payments and pay out with zero fees

Earn referral bonuses
Forget the times when you had to pay for payment processing (sic!). We will reward you!

High referral fees

We are not greedy! You will receive up to 40% of your referral fees.

Three levels of referrals
Your direct customers count, but so do their friends and the friends of their friends!

How to start
1. Issue your referral link: learn how
2. Place it in your channel or chat description
3. Provide the payment instructions to your customers in a sticky message
4. Claim your bonus weekly

How to use Broxus Bot?

Click the button or find
@broxusbot in Telegram

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Use VPN or find @broxusbot in Telegram manually

Tap «Hello»

step 2
We will guide you through the bot


step 3
Yes, it's that simple
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