How is the reward distributed based on the results of voting on FlatQube DAO?
We have prepared excellent material on this topic. You will find the link in a description:
What is an epoch? How long does the FlatQube epoch last?
It is a period for which the reward of the current voting is accrued. It lasts for two weeks and consists of three parts: awaiting (2d), voting (11d), queued (1d).
Will the rewards be on old farming for 3 months?
The old farming will continue to vest the promised reward for 120 days, yet on Oct 26, the reward speed on those pools will be set to zero.
Can I get rewards in new farming if I have no veQUBE?
Yes, but less than those who have veQUBE.
Will meme tokens pairs be in new farming?
Any pool can apply for voting for 1000 QUBE. However, if they don’t get at least 1% of votes four times consequentially, they will be excluded from voting and will need to apply again.

We will add a new form for applications soon.
Will there be a proposal system like EVER DAO or Bridge DAO on FlatQube?
Yes, it’s in development now.
Will Black Ink work with the new farming?
It’s not our product, but according to their announcement, they have it in plans. Link in the description: