List your token on Everscale's premier DEX and get all the benefits of the ecosystem

FlatQube Ecosystem

We know how to establish a successful trading history and increase the overall demand for your token! We develop unique market strategies for tokens to increase volume, liquidity and price.
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Additional benefits

Technological assistance
We will help you with all integration questions
Open-source DAO
Deploy your own DAO without a hassle
Farming and staking
Create and manage your own liquidity and farming pools with a convenient interface
Access communities in other networks
Transfer your tokens to another blockchain using our state-of-art Octus Bridge
Ready-made NFT marketplaces
Use a rich collection of open-source NFT marketplaces to reduce your time to market
Co-marketing opportunities
AMA, articles, social media posts, co/cross-marketing, PR etc.

Powered by Everscale

Everscale is a fifth-generation layer-1 blockchain which offers high TPS, unlimited scalability, low gas fees & security for all projects.

With over two years in mainnet, the blockchain has built up a robust ecosystem along with a sizable community of users. Its unique architecture allows it to manage the simultaneous operations of hundreds of thousands of dApps without being overloaded.

Everscale is not an EVM, but we have excellent connectivity to EVM networks via a bridge and we are on solidity, so it won't be too hard for your developers to move.
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Broxus Team

Broxus is of the key development teams behind Everscale, and has built up a roster of platforms that cater to a full range of financial needs. All of our platforms are marked by their ease of use. Among them are the cross-chain bridging platform, Octus Bridge, EVER Wallet and the FlatQube DEX & farming hub.
Belgrade, Serbia
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Jakarta, Indonesia
Tallinn, Estonia

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