Earn with DEXADA on
up to 125% APR liquidity farming
DEXADA is Ready to Release
the Liquidity Floodgates For Cardano Assets
The infinitely scalable infrastructure of Everscale enables us to deliver the best possible user experience and cross-chain interoperability to bring liquidity flows from leading L1 networks together.
We are production-ready. Our development roadmap includes expanding our suite of connectivity options thereby maximizing the quality of the UX as well as creating the first-ever cross-chain liquidity DAO.
DEXADA is a suite of DeFi products rather than a standalone DEX. DEXADA brings a Cardano-Everscale bridge that can be leveraged to a multi-chain setting.
Being incubated by Occam.fi this DEX benefits from Everscale blockchain's technological advantages and power of Broxus development team.
DEXADA is a chain-agnostic DEX with a heavy focus on catalyzing the Cardano ecosystem’s liquidity and bringing liquidity flows from other chains into the mix
Product Features
Native Yield Farming
3+ currencies
Lightning Fast Swaps
<4 seconds finality
Cross-Chain Liquidity Swaps
6 Blockchains Supported
Сross-Pool Routing
For Optimal Price
Native Token Builder
Flexible TradingView Interfaces
Multisig Wallet Support
Double Farming Options
Planned Features Post-Launch
DEXADA’s focus is on developing our system step by step and improving our decentralization, security and UX as we continue to iterate.
DAO Management of
Farm Creation
Pool Creation
DEX Governance
Metamask Support
Setting AMM curves
i.e. making stableswaps
Everscale – an L2 Capable of Securing Cardano
Over 400 independent validators ensure the stability of the network.
Everscale has a unique set of properties, such as dynamic multithreading, soft majority consensus and distributed programming, which all work towards enabling it to be flexible.
Rocket fast
Everscale is based on a platform called Ever OS, capable of processing millions of transactions per second, with Turing-complete smart contracts and decentralized user interfaces.
Everscale's unique DePool technology to keep it decentralized and secure.
Near-Zero fees
The scaling technology improves on its competitors by being actively governed by a decentralized community founded upon meritocratic principles via Soft Majority Voting protocol.
Token transactions on Everscale are several times cheaper than the cost of transactions in Cardano and Ethereum.
Comparison with other blockchains
TPS - Live Environment
TPS - Theoretical Limit
Market Capitalization
100,000 + (Eth 2.0)
Ready-Made Interoperability
from Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Everscale, Fantom and Polygon to the Cardano network, where transactions require minimal fees and take place at much higher speeds.
The Everscale Bridge allows users to move liquidity
built-in to the heart of the protocol and is fully capable of supporting bi-directional token transfers between Cardano and other blockchains.
Everscale has interoperability
This liquidity pathway is supremely beneficial for the entire Cardano Ecosystem as hundreds of millions in liquidity can easily begin flowing into the Cardano native assets liquidity pools.
Liquidity pathway
How to earn with farming pools
Transfer liquidity from Cardano to Everscale
ADD liquidity to the ADA/WEVER pool and get LP tokens
Start farming with the ADA/WEVER liquidity pool!
Download the Nami wallet for Cardano blockchain
Download the EVER Wallet for Everscale blockchain
Transfer liquidity by pressing the “Transfer” button
Type in the amount of ADAs you want to transfer.

If you do not have EVERs, then be sure to enable "Credit Gas." With this enabled, a small amount of ADAs will be used to deploy your EVER Wallet.
Visit adaever.io — the Cardano-Everscale Bridge and connect both of your wallets
Press the "Import" button after the transfer is completed.
What should I do if I did not press the button?
After transferring liquidity on the bridge, you will receive both EVERs and ADAs in your EVER wallet

Warning! Make sure you have at least 10 EVERs in your wallet in order to proceed with further DEX operations
Connect to the liquidity pool by clicking the “Connect pools” button. Sign the transaction in the EVER Wallet
Now you can add liquidity to the pool. If you do not have WEVERs, then you should use the “auto exchange” option.

Choose ADA in the upper window (“left”), WEVER in the lower window (“right”) and click on the “Enable auto exchange” switch
Type in the desired amount of ADAs you want to add and delete the WEVERs amount. Now click on the “Deposit ADA” button. Sign the transaction in the EVER Wallet
Click on the "Supply" button. Sign the transaction in the EVER Wallet
You have received LP tokens that are used for liquidity farming
Click on the link near “LP root address”. After being redirected ton the tonscan.io copy the address and go to EVER Wallet. In the wallet click “select assets” button, then choose “custom token” and insert the previously copied address. Now you will see LP tokens in your wallet.
Now you are succesfully earning in the ADA/WEVER farming program
In the green "Deposit" section, click on the “Max” button. Thus, you will add all of your LP tokens. Click on the “Deposit” button
Go to the "Farming" section of the DEX and click on the ADA/WEVER farming pool
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